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Setting up a Unity project for WebVR

There are two ways to start a WebVR enabled project using Unity.

  1. Download the example project.

    This is the simplest option, to do this, download the project and open in Unity. You can follow steps from step #7 onwards to build the project to WebVR.

  2. Start by Creating a new Unity 3D Project.

    In this tutorial, we cover option 2, starting from new, stepping through each step from creating a new Unity project, adding the WebVR Assets, then building to WebVR.

1. Create a new Unity 3D project.

Open an existing project, or click on the New button and fill in the details of the new game:

New game

2. Ensure that WebGL platform support is installed.

Open the menus: File > Build Settings

WebGL Platform

3. Enable Virtual Reality support in Unity.

See In-editor VR playback for rapid testing for full steps.

Enable VR Support in Unity

4. Download the assets from the Unity Asset store.

Unity Asset Store page.

Asset Store

Alternatively, download and install the WebVR-Assets.unitypackage from this repo and use (Assets > Import Package > Custom Package) to import the package into your project.

WebVR package

5. Add the WebVR prefab to your scene.

Disable the standard default camera, so that it does not interfere with the cameras used in the WebVR prefab.

To do this, select Main Camera from the scene's Hierarchy; then, delete or disable the camera from the Inspector.

WebVR package

Add the WebVRCameraSet prefab (Assets > WebVR > Prefabs > WebVRCameraSet.prefab):

Import prefab

The prefab contains hand controllers, VR Camera setup and other components needed for your game to work with WebVR.

6. Add Input Manager settings to your project.

Copy InputManager.asset into your Project /ProjectSettings folder. This will add pre-configured Unity Input Manager input axes needed for controllers to work.

See Controllers and Input System for more details about how this works.

7. You're Unity project is setup. Play to see the result!

Import prefab

8. Build your project to WebVR

Select the WebVR template from player settings.

Go to Edit > Project Settings > Player:

WebVR template

Build and run your project in the browser!

Click on File > Build & Run, select a destination folder and Unity will compile your code and and launch the game in your default browser. If you want to open the game in another browser, copy and paste the URL of the game.

Under the hood, when clicking Build & Run, Unity will place all the needed files in the selected folder and will spin up a development web server pointing there. If you want to provide your own server, choose File > Build instead.