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BrowserID Keymaster for LDAP enabled Identity Providers
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Mozilla IdP

mozilla-idp is a server that implements support for Persona on the domain.

When deployed, this will allow mozillans with or email addresses to authenticate with Persona enabled websites using their Mozilla (LDAP) password.

Getting Code to Production

This is the process for getting new code into Production

  1. Do features and bug fixes in branches. Create a pull request to have new code merged into the master branch
  2. Create a new release tag with scripts/
  3. Create an RPM from the tag
  4. Create a new staging server based on the new RPM
  5. Have QA test to make sure everything is OK
  6. if tests pass, create new production systems from same version. Otherwise go back to step 1. to fix issues.

Why the RPM?

This is a quick introduction to how the Service Ops. team deploys Mozilla IdP. For security and operational reasons we turn the application into an RPM and deploy from our private RPM repository.

This allows us to maintain a package that can be audited as well as very specific versioning using RPMs.

The scripts and processes for building the RPM exists in the mozilla-services/svcops-oompaloompas repository.

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