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This is the development repository for the Firefox WebCompat Go Faster add-on
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WebCompat Go Faster add-on

This is the development repository for the Firefox WebCompat Go Faster add-on.

Writing site patches, overrides and injections

Detailed information on our policies on writing overrides, as well as technical information, can be found in the Mozilla Wiki.

Build instructions

This guide assumes you've got a copy of mozilla-central checked out on your machine and you already have set up Node.js 5 or newer. The build script assumes your mozilla-central is located at ../fx-team relative to inside the root folder. If not, please set the EXPORT_MC_LOCATION environment accordingly.

Running the extension without a built and set up mozilla-central is not possible at the moment.

If this is the first time you're working with this repository, install the dependencies with npm install.

Exporting the sources to mozilla-central

  1. Run npm run jake export-mc for Desktop or npm run jake export-mc-android for Android.
  2. Find the exported files in your mozilla-central directory, ready to commit.

Run the changed extension sources

Via about:debugging

If you want to debug this extension on recent Desktop versions, you can use about:debugging:

  1. Open about:debugging in Firefox
  2. Click the Load Temporary Add-on... button
  3. Select ./src/manifest.json and hit open.
  4. Test!

Via web-ext

For Fennec, about:debugging is not an option. To test Fennec:

  1. Run npm start
  2. Test!

npm start calls web-ext, check their documentation for available parameters, including debugging options.

Building webcompat.xpi

  1. Run npm run jake export-xpi.
  2. Find the built .xpi inside the build/ directory.

Run the automated test suite

  1. Run npm run test
  2. Wait!

Automatically check and adjust the code style

As mozilla-central is now mostly auto-formatted with prettier, and the config for that is really slim, this repo follows these guidelines. To automatically check and adjust the code style,

  1. Run npm run prettier
  2. Done.



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