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Localization (l10n)

Most web apps at Mozilla are localized. We make use of gettext.

See :ref:`playdoh:l10n` in Playdoh


By convention Mozilla puts locales in locale/ and that folder is a working copy from SVN. This allows localizers to use tools like Verbatim to add new localized content.

You can create an empty subdirectory off of to store your .po files:

svn mkdir \$MYPROJECTNAME \
    -m "Creating $MYPROJECTNAME"

Where $MYPROJECTNAME is the name of your project.

You'll also want to add *.mo to the list of global-ignores in your ~/.subversion/config file. .mo files can be compiled at deploy time.


.mo files are compiled and therefore have no place in version control.

Now in your project root:


Anytime you make changes using the merge or extract commands you'll need to commit them back to SVN:

cd locale/
svn add *
svn commit -m 'Locale update'

Make this better

This process is merely a suggestion. If you think localization can be improved or perhaps automated, by all means... DO IT! If your improvement takes off update this, so others can benefit.

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