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Developing Locally

For many sites (AMO, SUMO, Input, etc), developing locally is an easy achievement.

Developing locally allows you to be able to work anywhere without relying on network connectivity or being.

Homebrew (Mac OS X)

Most web developers choose a MacBook Pro as their development machine. Therefore we recommend Homebrew. Almost all the required development tools can be acquired via brew:

  • git
  • sphinx search
  • mysql
  • redis
  • memcached
  • python
  • gettext (you'll want the GNU version; the BSD version that comes with OS X won't play well with playdoh)

If you need something that brew doesn't support, but you could otherwise compile, you can create your own recipes.

Xcode (Mac OS X)

You need Apple's Xcode to compile packages. If you're on the Mozilla network (in the Mountain View office or on OfficeVPN) you can connect to fs2 (smb://fs2) using your LDAP account and find a recent version of Xcode 3 in the "mac" folder.

You can also get Xcode from, if you have an Apple Developer account. There are currently problems using Homebrew with Xcode 4, so make sure you get a recent version of Xcode 3 if you're downloading it from Apple's site. You can install Xcode 3 and 4 alongside each other (in separate folders) if you already use Xcode 4 for other things.

If you're in the Mozilla Mountain View office (or you have VPN access to it via Mozilla-MV) you can grab a recent, compatible version of Xcode 3 from our fs2 file server by connecting to smb://fs2 as a guest and selecting the public volume. Xcode 3.2 is in the mac folder. See more about :ref:`vpn-info`.

Note: If you don't have an Apple Developer account, it might be easier to simply grab Xcode from the shared volume on fs2. Navigating the Apple Developer site, especially if your account is a free account, can be a bit of a maze.


Install Homebrew and install git, sphinx, mysql, gettext, and python. You'll need at least these items for most projects.

For gettext, you'll need to brew link gettext so your system uses the GNU version of gettext instead of the BSD version Apple provides.

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