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Python Style Guide

This document is a brief set of guidelines for writing Python code for Mozilla Webdev projects. Individual projects may override these rules; make sure you know the standards for your project!

General Guidelines

  • Follow PEP8.
  • Follow Pocoo's extensions to PEP8, although these are a little less strictly enforced across Mozilla projects.
  • Check your code against a linting tool. flake8 is highly recommended for this.

Import Statements

We expand on PEP8's suggestions for import statements.

Import one module per import statement:

import os
import sys


import os, sys

Separate imports into groups with a line of whitespace: standard library; third-party; and local imports:

import os
import sys

from django.conf import settings

import pyquery

from myapp import models, views

Alphabetize your imports, it will make your code easier to scan. See how terrible this is:

import cows
import kittens
import bears

A simple sort:

import bears
import cows
import kittens

Imports on top, from-imports below:

import x
import y
import z
from bears import pandas
from xylophone import bar
from zoos import lions

That's loads easier to read than:

from bears import pandas
import x
from xylophone import bar
import y
import z
from zoos import lions

Lastly, when importing things into your namespace from a package use an alphabetized CONSTANT, Class, var order:

from models import DATE, TIME, Dog, Kitteh, upload_pets

If possible though, it may be easier to import the entire package, especially for methods as it help answers the question, "where did you come from?"


from foo import you

def my_code():
    you()  # wait, is this defined in this file?


import foo

def my_code():  # oh you...
.. seealso::

   `baked <>`_
      A tool for automatically checking the import order rules listed above.

Whitespace matters

  • Use 4 spaces, not 2---it increases legibility considerably.
  • Never use tabs---history has shown that we cannot handle them.

Use single quotes unless double (or triple) quotes would be an improvement:

'this is good'

'this\'s bad'

"this's good"

"this is inconsistent, but ok"

"""this's sometimes "necessary"."""

'''nobody really does this'''

To continue a new line use a `()` not `\`.

Indenting code should be done in one of two ways: a hanging indent, or 4 space indent on the next line.

Good, using hanging indent. Note that the next line is lined up with the previous line delimiter:

log.msg('Something long log message and some vars: {0}, {1}'
        .format(variable_a, variable_b))

Good using 4 spaces:

accounts = PaymentAccounts.objects.filter(

# A more compact alternative.
accounts = PaymentAccounts.objects.filter(
    accounts__provider__type=2, something_else=True)

accounts = (PaymentAccounts.objects

Remember that comprehensibility is the goal here. If following one of the rules above would result in less readable code, don't follow it!