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Make VPN access need more clear.

Fix some reference issues on accounts.
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8 accounts.rst
@@ -38,6 +38,14 @@ Use the links to each app to get to their signup form.
for various reasons. Check out `Becoming a contributor`_ and be sure to ask
for "Level 2 Mercurial Access".
+* VPN — You'll have access to Mozilla-MV_ (office network) by default, though
+ it does require some setup. Access to Mozilla-MPT_ is by request only however,
+ and you'll need it.
+ See :ref:`vpn-info` for more details.
+.. _Mozilla-MPT:
+.. _Mozilla-MV:
.. _`Becoming a contributor`:
.. _Bugzilla:
.. _GitHub:
2 communications.rst
@@ -8,6 +8,8 @@ To contact someone, you can use the following methods:
.. index:: communications;irc
+.. _irc-chapter:
11 servers.rst
@@ -1,3 +1,5 @@
+.. index:: servers
@@ -33,16 +35,19 @@ VPN
To get to any Mozilla servers you will need VPN access. There are two VPN
-networks: Mozilla-MV (Mountain View office VPN) and Mozilla MPT (for access
+networks: Mozilla-MV_ (Mountain View office VPN) and Mozilla-MPT_ (for access
to khan, staging servers, etc.).
If you want to use Mozilla's shared network volumes (like ``fs2``) you can
connect to the Mozilla-MV VPN.
If you need to access khan, database servers, or the cm-vpn01 server, connect
-to Mozilla MPT.
+to Mozilla MPT. You'll need to file a ticket for `access to MPT`_. If you're a
+web dev for Mozilla, **you need this**.
We recommend Viscosity_ for VPN.
+.. _Mozilla-MPT:
+.. _Mozilla-MV:
+.. _access to MPT:
.. _Viscosity:

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