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import json
from curling.lib import API
from slumber.exceptions import HttpClientError
from solitude.exceptions import ResourceModified, ResourceNotModified
from webpay.base.logger import getLogger, get_transaction_id
log = getLogger('lib.utils')
def add_transaction_id(slumber, headers=None, **kwargs):
headers['Transaction-Id'] = get_transaction_id()
class SlumberWrapper(object):
A wrapper around the Slumber API.
def __init__(self, url, oauth):
self.slumber = API(url)
self.slumber.activate_oauth(oauth.get('key'), oauth.get('secret'))
self.slumber._add_callback({'method': add_transaction_id})
self.api = self.slumber.api.v1
def parse_res(self, res):
if res == '':
return {}
if isinstance(res, (str, unicode)):
return json.loads(res)
except ValueError:
log.error('Received unexpected non-JSON error: {res}'
return res
def safe_run(self, command, *args, **kwargs):
res = command(*args, **kwargs)
if getattr(res, 'status_code', None) == 304:
raise ResourceNotModified()
except HttpClientError as e:
if e.response.status_code == 412:
log.error('An attempt to update an already modified resource '
'has been made.')
raise ResourceModified()
# Solitude returns error codes rather than error text.
# For example: {"pin": ["PIN_ONLY_NUMBERS"]}.
res = self.parse_res(e.response.content)
return {'errors': res}
return res
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