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Solitude is a webpay requirement now

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@@ -15,12 +15,19 @@ Install system requirements with `homebrew`_ (Mac OS X)::
brew tap homebrew/versions
brew install python26 mysql swig nodejs
-Clone the source::
+To develop locally you also need an instance of the
+`Solitude`_ payment API running. If you run it with mock services
+(such as ``BANGO_MOCK=True``) then things will still work.
+You can configure webpay with ``SOLITUDE_URL`` pointing at your
+Let's install webpay! Clone the source::
git clone git://
-Install all dependencies. You probably want to do this within a `virtualenv`_.
-If you use `virtualenvwrapper`_ (recommended) set yourself up with::
+Install all Python dependencies. You probably want to do this
+within a `virtualenv`_. If you use `virtualenvwrapper`_ (recommended)
+set yourself up with::
mkvirtualenv --python=python2.6 webpay
@@ -184,3 +191,4 @@ active. That is, switch it off.
.. _less:
.. _npm:
.. _`nightly B2G desktop`:
+.. _`Solitude`:

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