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authored July 21, 2011

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@@ -35,6 +35,7 @@ For WSOH we chose to focus on projects and challenges that advance the Web for e
35 35
 * Best use of the [Google Maps Javascript API V3](
36 36
 * Build something that syncs dropbox with another service (flickr, facebook, gmail)
37 37
 * Build another interface into dropbox (sftp dropbox server, webdav, fuse, gvfs, browser extension, public share website, twitter-like dropbox webpage)
+* Build something that leverages open identity standards such as BrowserID, OAuth, OStatus, or Webfinger. Bonus points for browser integration
38 39
 * Build something that uses data mashups from the Yahoo! Query Language (YQL) in interesting ways
39 40
     * The background documentation for YQL is available at and the test console is available at
40 41
 * Build a real-time game or application using NowJS

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