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jgoulie and others added some commits Jul 15, 2011
jgoulie Edited via GitHub 382bc80
jgoulie Edited via GitHub b524fe6
jgoulie Edited via GitHub 07839d3
jgoulie Edited via GitHub 8d42e4d
jgoulie Edited via GitHub 7d68b89
jgoulie Edited via GitHub ad13fe1
jgoulie Edited via GitHub 411aa1c
jgoulie Edited via GitHub 2fc840b
jgoulie Edited via GitHub abb64d5
jgoulie Edited via GitHub f5998bc
jgoulie Edited via GitHub 13b7fac
@drcapulet drcapulet Grooveshark Ruby Backend c68d17d
@tallowen tallowen Starting to piece together nowjs and express 9268004
@tallowen tallowen Support for rooms, running express.js 365b115
@kmax12 kmax12 Added style tags. Not much git experience, testing understanding. 65be607
@drcapulet drcapulet Larger album art 19594f7
@drcapulet drcapulet Merge branch 'master' of 5989bf8
@tallowen tallowen Working in chrome now. 0f98b4a
@drcapulet drcapulet Merge branch 'master' of b2f4166
@kmax12 kmax12 added comments about design 5794fce
@tallowen tallowen Added rooms at #/playlist/<roomid> e2ef2e9
@drcapulet drcapulet Access Control Origin Policy 0ec3ba1
@drcapulet drcapulet Merge branch 'master' of 3f5d8cf
@tallowen tallowen Push for max 0a21e03
@tallowen tallowen Merge branch 'master' of facb3ed
@tallowen tallowen Things generally work - now with proper handleing of initilization 65eda58
max kanter Implements jQuery ajax request to Ruby server and then parses the res…
…ponse text and interates through array
max kanter Merge branch 'master' of 27ddbc4
@tallowen tallowen Using redis 91924f3

it's not a win if you don't use semicolons :P

tallowen and others added some commits Jul 22, 2011
@tallowen tallowen Fixed bugs 37e0866
@tallowen tallowen Clean ups and comments 161d2d3
@tallowen tallowen More updates to make everything installable f92c12a
max kanter Put previously made song-search.js into an acutally function page.
It does  google instant-esque searching which populates list when you pause at all in your typing. must be running ruby server for it to work.
max kanter deleted obselte js file. now in song-search.html 8a7447a
@adngdb adngdb Refactoring code for the win. 6e2ce56
@adngdb adngdb Using nowjs groups for rooms. 6caef6a
@adngdb adngdb Adding new external js files on the UI. 96e0992
@adngdb adngdb Refactoring server.js, removing useless things, going to 4 spaces ind…
@tallowen tallowen Added apis in node/webroot/js/controls.js - it needs realistic callba…
…cks instead of console.log(<something) :)
@adngdb adngdb Adding functions for the current player change. b2bbc3e
@adngdb adngdb Adding the client-side JS for current player change, adding a log ul. edfb1b9
@adngdb adngdb Adding a log function for debugging. a3345b9
@adngdb adngdb Adding a client-side JS file for current player change. 7727366
@adngdb adngdb Merge branch 'current-player' into adrian
max kanter Mobile first try. 4b10c6a
@adngdb adngdb Kind of securing the change player functions. eca30b7
@adngdb adngdb Merge branch 'adrian' 726ad01
@adngdb adngdb Moving index.html to playlist.html. 540ce3a
@adngdb adngdb Adding a homepage. 16b8623
@drcapulet drcapulet Desktop view 7629aea
@tallowen tallowen All apis again 2dcee45
@tallowen tallowen Merge branch 'master' of d75369b
@adngdb adngdb Merge branch 'homepage' into adrian dd376f5
@tallowen tallowen Refactoring server.js 0b00eee
@adngdb adngdb Hiding the current player data, giving a function to get this informa…
@adngdb adngdb Fixing a bug caused by refactoring the current player api. bf57ea7
@drcapulet drcapulet Playlist class 8911648
@drcapulet drcapulet Merge branch 'master' of f359546
@adngdb adngdb Fixing bug when client quit. db1df50
@drcapulet drcapulet Mobile icons fc6652f
@drcapulet drcapulet Merge branch 'master' of 46ea0d3
@drcapulet drcapulet Icon fixes 8c1cb9a
@drcapulet drcapulet Variable fix for play/pause 79de180
@drcapulet drcapulet Move into node project c24a035
@drcapulet drcapulet Typo fixes 69f22a9
max kanter Almost function mobile ui 12a3f7b
@tallowen tallowen added basic node controls 088125e
@tallowen tallowen Merge branch 'master' of dd3a127
max kanter Moved mobile files ff1552e
max kanter Merge branch 'master' of f6c9390
max kanter update 67c3db4
@tallowen tallowen udates for mobile 8dd3a4f
max kanter mobile and node working together 3659e0e
@drcapulet drcapulet merge in updates 45647b6
@drcapulet drcapulet Fix pause be37cea
@adngdb adngdb Removing unneeded stuff. fe0833a
@adngdb adngdb Removing logs. 5892a5a
@adngdb adngdb Merge branch 'master' into adrian 3116910
@adngdb adngdb Adding calls to tell the user he is the current player or not. 2d8be54
@adngdb adngdb Enabling or disabling the client to play music. 80498cd
@drcapulet drcapulet Update position ce15a60
@drcapulet drcapulet Fix updating 5c0886a
@adngdb adngdb Pushing functions out of document ready. 909e2c3
@adngdb adngdb Merge branch 'master' into adrian 5b3e525
max kanter Added more playlist.js compatability ef24f0d
@adngdb adngdb Parsing the JSON we get from redis. a253c8e
@drcapulet drcapulet fixes and search basics ce59106
@adngdb adngdb Merge branch 'master' into adrian 1d41986
@tallowen tallowen Added volume backend d1c71f2
@adngdb adngdb Parsing json data from redis. 80095af
@adngdb adngdb Merge branch 'master' into adrian 1f35301
@adngdb adngdb Saving playlist when calling next or previous. 5ff75f4
@tallowen tallowen Volume enabled 305f881
max kanter Scrolling works 61ef3b6
@tallowen tallowen Merge branch 'master' of d877971
max kanter Merge branch 'master' of 5547b72
@tallowen tallowen Adding "Syleing" 7b16c33
@adngdb adngdb Merge branch 'master' of bbd1ade
@adngdb adngdb Merge branch 'master' of e5bb617
@tallowen tallowen Fixed slider bug for volume 4f9a3f0
@tallowen tallowen Merge branch 'master' of 0395e9e
@tallowen tallowen Fixed a bug in a bug fix for the slider 4895d1e
max kanter Merge branch 'master' of de56f70
max kanter ready for server integration cd68176
@drcapulet drcapulet merge 8bfac37
@adngdb adngdb Go away, log! 0605505
@drcapulet drcapulet Merge branch 'master' of 9f5e8b8
max kanter Another random commit 71b4237
@adngdb adngdb Merge branch 'master' of 0db6fe3
max kanter another push 1bcf96a
@tallowen tallowen Eddit default message 091feea
@adngdb adngdb Fixing bugs in the mobile version. 2053b23
@adngdb adngdb Merge branch 'master' of badb5f3
@drcapulet drcapulet icons 4c004f2
@drcapulet drcapulet Musique name 7e34139
@adngdb adngdb Merge branch 'master' into adrian
@adngdb adngdb Merge branch 'master' of c0857b2
max kanter Add nav icons ac1e660
@drcapulet drcapulet Final commit 812c507
@drcapulet drcapulet fix wording b55534d
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