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The Firefox Marketplace frontend for lower-end devices
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Marketplace Tarako

The Firefox Marketplace frontend for lower-end devices.


A secure debug information collection server
A node.js server that serves a browser-friendly version of Fireplace
A mocked-out version of the Marketplace API.
The source code for Fireplace.
Smoke Alarm
A functional test runner for great justice.


npm install
npm install -g commonplace


Comprehensive Flue documentation can be found in Flue's README.

Packaged App

Docs can be found on the Wiki.

Please note that any file that belongs in the package must get added to package/files.txt.


If you haven't already, run commonplace init to install local settings files. Some settings (media/js/settings_local.js) may need to be updated if you plan to run a local setup, including api_url.

From the terminal, run the following command


This will start a local server and filesystem watcher on by default.

For more options, read the damper documentation.

For instructions on running Flue (the mock API server), please see the Flue docs.


To run the compilation process, which compiles templates, CSS, and locale files, run the following command:

commonplace compile

Compiling Includes

If you need to compile include files (i.e.: for Space Heater or a less HTTP- heavy version of the project), run commonplace includes. This will generate two files:


The CSS in include.css is generated in the order in which CSS files are included in hearth/index.html.

include.js uses a lightweight AMD loader (rather than require.js). This keeps file size down and also makes it possible to name-mangle internal keywords which otherwise wouldn't be minifiable. Note that the only safe globals are require and define---using any other non-browser globals will result in errors. I.e.: accessing _ without requiring 'underscore' will cause the code to fail. Also note that all modules must include a name as the first parameter.


A detailed guide to extracting strings and creating JS language packs can be found on the wiki.


Read the docs.


Install casper

brew install casperjs

Running unit tests

Load http://localhost:8675/tests in your browser.

Running functional tests

Before you run the functional tests, make sure your settings_local.js file has the subset of keys found in settings_travis.js.

make test

Local Development With Nginx

See Using Fireplace with Zamboni

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