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I started changing a couple of cosmetic zamboni-specific items in the dashboard (like the title, name, bug url and docs url) and turned them into config options. The default settings are what they were so this should not effect the current zamboni dashboard but allow different uses through settings_local.

I didn't change much since I'm a n00b at the fork and pull game, so let me know if this is wrong or undesired.

@cshields cshields making a couple of zamboni-specific wording and links into config var…
…iables so they can be changed through settings_local


@oremj oremj closed this Jul 18, 2012

it's a nitpick and totally not a big deal but we usually use spaces within variables to help with readability: {{ config.DASHBOARD_NAME }}

will gladly fix.. My coding time is kept to a minimum, so thanks for the tip. :)

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