configurable modules #5

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last request for now.. I added ENABLED_MODULES = ['ganglia', 'graphite', 'nagios', 'pingdom'] which just stops the options from showing up in the menu bar if they do not exist in that config. Should find a way to make their views conditional as well but I can't see an easy way to do that in flask (yet)

@cshields cshields making a couple of zamboni-specific wording and links into config var…
…iables so they can be changed through settings_local

it's a nitpick and totally not a big deal but we usually use spaces within variables to help with readability: {{ config.DASHBOARD_NAME }}

will gladly fix.. My coding time is kept to a minimum, so thanks for the tip. :)

@oremj oremj merged commit 63f7fbf into mozilla:master Jul 19, 2012
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