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All the pure Python dependencies for zamboni
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This is the collection of zamboni's pure-python dependencies.

From your zamboni root, do this:

git clone --recursive git:// vendor

Sit back and relax while all that downloads, then proceed on your merry way.

To keep it up to date:

pushd vendor && git pull && git submodule update --init && popd

If you currently have jbalogh as your origin, you should remove /vendor and start over.

How zamboni-lib was made

pip install -I --install-option="--home=`pwd`/vendor" --src='vendor/src' -r requirements/dev.txt

# ..delete some junk from vendor/lib/python...

# Create the .pth file so Python can find our src libs.
find src -type d -depth 1 >> zamboni.pth

# Add all the submodules.
for f in src/*; do
    pushd $f >/dev/null && REPO=$(git config remote.origin.url) && popd > /dev/null && git submodule add $REPO $f
git add .

Using your own vendor lib

We add these lines to our file, since it's the entrypoint to everything we do in zamboni. Adjust as you see fit.

import site

addsitedir adds that directory to the Python path and looks for other .pth files in that dir. We use a .pth in vendor to load our src/ packages, and pip may have added other .pth files in vendor/lib/python.

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