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bin Kill schematic, switch to Django migrations (bug 905785)
configs/init.d remove outdated scripts
data good grief JSON
docs Add an unsigned download URL for authors & reviewers (bug 1199198)
lib Replace most uses of copyfileobj with copy_stored_file (bug 1195744)
locale Pontoon: Updated English (en-GB) localization of Marketplace
logs run through supervisord (bug 1122190)
media update legal docs
mkt add app-container for react template
requirements Add group selector to lookup tool and API endpoint to set groups bug …
scripts Remove unused unhide_disabled_files cron (bug 1196775)
services Revert 72fe88e and f76c11a since it's causing issues on dev/stage (bu…
sites Adjust SOLITUDE_HOSTS for s3dev env
templates Remove FxA migration code (bug 1117875)
tmp add in directories required by monitor (bug 1106198)
wsgi Update celery libs (bug 1136820)
.baked Remove "nuggets" dependency (bug 1156848)
.git-wtfrc tell git-wtf to ignore gh-pages
.gitignore Implement website keywords in ES and the API (bug 1168817)
.jshintrc moved config.json to .jshint
.travis.yml Kill schematic, switch to Django migrations (bug 905785) feedback from cvan and mstriemer
Dockerfile feedback from @robhudson and update with changed package
Makefile Kill schematic, switch to Django migrations (bug 905785) make it more obvious the old zamboni docs are not as supported THIS IS ZAMBONI
contribute.json add a contribute.json file (bug 1074452) use --noinput for deploys Update celery libs (bug 1136820)
package.json fix fiddle config, how are others using fiddle when it's broken? add promo imgs and promo img uploads for apps and sites
setup.cfg Override flake8 defaults, which adds E226, E241 and E242

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