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bin generate fake data for feed (bug 1131903)
configs/init.d remove outdated scripts
data provide optional fields (bug 1156370)
docs Merge pull request #3069 from diox/remove-default-currency
lib Remove "nuggets" dependency (bug 1156848)
locale Commit from Mozilla Verbatim by user 2030 of 2030…
logs run through supervisord (bug 1122190)
media Merge pull request #3055 from andymckay/1156864
migrations Enable Taiwan in Marketplace (bug 1158297)
mkt Merge pull request #3069 from diox/remove-default-currency
requirements Revert 72fe88e and f76c11a since it's causing issues on dev/stage (bu…
scripts add some more comments to gaia_package script
services Revert 72fe88e and f76c11a since it's causing issues on dev/stage (bu…
sites Raise celery soft limit on dev to debug issues with reindex
templates Remove FxA migration code (bug 1117875)
tmp add in directories required by monitor (bug 1106198)
wsgi Remove validation and translation activation from wsgi.
.baked Remove "nuggets" dependency (bug 1156848)
.git-wtfrc tell git-wtf to ignore gh-pages
.gitignore Fix gitignore for supervisord
.jshintrc moved config.json to .jshint
.travis.yml Add REUSE_DB=1 to avoid test teardown issues on Travis feedback from cvan and mstriemer
Dockerfile Bring back env configurable Redis for Docker
Makefile Fix Makefile check_deploy_env, again. make it more obvious the old zamboni docs are not as supported THIS IS ZAMBONI
contribute.json add a contribute.json file (bug 1074452) Update fabfile to include rpm cleanup. Fix flake8 errors
package.json fix fiddle config, how are others using fiddle when it's broken? flake8: noqa > noqa
setup.cfg Override flake8 defaults, which adds E226, E241 and E242

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