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2001057 @kumar303 Adds a basic Vagrant image for Zamboni (bug 689755)
kumar303 authored
9dddf1d @andymckay allow multiple sites, with coping with different settings l…
andymckay authored
2 settings_local_*.py
8d0736d @andymckay add in shellng support
andymckay authored
64dec2c @jbalogh ignore .pyc and .swp files
jbalogh authored
4 *.py[co]
e4c558c @ngokevin use ES for feed filtering
ngokevin authored
5 *.sw[lmnop]
5eeee4e @davedash Middleware that intercepts the URLs and makes sure we are following o…
davedash authored
6 .coverage
7213097 @davedash Ignoring some files
davedash authored
7 pip-log.txt
dd34b6b @ngokevin add is_published to feedshelf (bug 1035455)
ngokevin authored
8 docs/_build
9feaa68 @davedash Ignoring _gh-pages and renaming the build directory
davedash authored
9 docs/_gh-pages
15ac356 @kumar303 Add sig check API (bug 905794)
kumar303 authored
10 docs/api/_build
ed0ce34 @cvan gitignore files generated by `make release`
cvan authored
11 dreadnot-stage.ini
e2988cc @cvan generate BUILD_IDs for Fireplace so we can cachebust so we can push F…
cvan authored
12 build*.py
51a5dff @cvan fix build_id nonsense
cvan authored
13 media/build_id.txt
201f266 @kumar303 Integrate django_appcache to become an "installed" app
kumar303 authored
14 media/manifest.appcache
6449886 @cvan ignore media/external files
cvan authored
15 media/external/*
04e568b @jbalogh adding zamboni.css, new images from craig cook
jbalogh authored
16 .DS_Store
06f50f6 @fwenzel adding image uploads to gitignore file.
fwenzel authored
17 /media/img/uploads
a8dfb5e @cvan add *.{css,js}.tmp to .gitignore (created by jingo-minify if interrup…
cvan authored
18 *.js.tmp
19 *.css.tmp
9441784 @jbalogh ignore compress_assets artifacts
jbalogh authored
20 *-min.css
21 *-all.css
22 *-min.js
23 *-all.js
9bfc0b5 @gkoberger Adding LESS!
gkoberger authored
24 *.less.css
039f37d @cvan port LESS to Stylus
cvan authored
25 *.styl.css
24786ad @kumar303 Ignores any nose plugin dot files.
kumar303 authored
26 .nose*
1ac4fc7 @kumar303 Ignores tmp dir again after adding hidden files
kumar303 authored
27 tmp/*
f0db2c4 ignore tag files
Jeff Balogh authored
28 tags
e3e9a58 @diox Implement website keywords in ES and the API (bug 1168817)
diox authored
29 !/mkt/tags
ed0ce34 @cvan gitignore files generated by `make release`
cvan authored
80ee713 @kumar303 Use local node dependencies for compress_assets
kumar303 authored
31 node_modules
8cd844f @mattbasta Add `commonplace_projects/` to gitignore for commonplace fiddle
mattbasta authored
32 commonplace_projects
ff444c0 @mattbasta Put commonplace projects into .gitignore
mattbasta authored
33 media/fireplace
34 media/rocketfuel
35 media/commbadge
36 media/marketplace-stats
853ca73 @eviljeff add media/transonic
eviljeff authored
37 media/transonic
49dbbcf @cvan add to mkt/reviewers management commands
cvan authored
38 *
d2f7c78 @clouserw adding locale directory to git
clouserw authored
39 *.po~
293fa7d @muffinresearch Fix gitignore for supervisord
muffinresearch authored
40 logs/*
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