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RENAME TABLE `users_blacklistednickname` TO `users_blacklistedusername`;
ALTER TABLE `users_blacklistedusername` CHANGE `nickname` `username` varchar(255) NOT NULL default '';
ALTER TABLE `users_blacklistedusername` DROP KEY `nickname`;
ALTER TABLE `users_blacklistedusername` ADD UNIQUE(`username`);
-- Will take 1-3 minutes
ADD COLUMN `username` varchar(255) UNIQUE default NULL after `email`,
ADD COLUMN `display_name` varchar(255) default NULL after `username`;
-- This needs to be run after the convert_user_fields management command. Since
-- that's going in at the same time as this but has to be run manually, I'm
-- leaving this commented out.
-- Query OK, 859523 rows affected (2 min 24.52 sec)
-- ALTER TABLE users CHANGE COLUMN `username` `username` varchar(255) NOT NULL;
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