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"""Our app specific CEF loggers."""
from django.conf import settings
from django.http import HttpRequest
from cef import log_cef as _log_cef
metlog = settings.METLOG
class CEFLogger:
"""Abstract base CEF logger.
Class attributes to set in a concrete class:
Prefix to the CEF signature. Example: RECEIPT
cs2label parameter. Example: ReceiptTransaction
Prefix to all CEF log messages. Example: Receipt
If set, this should be a 0-10 int.
sig_prefix = ''
cs2label = None
msg_prefix = ''
default_severity = None
def log(self, environ, app, msg, longer, severity=None,
"""Log something important using the CEF library.
Typically a Django request object. It can also be
a plain dict.
An app/addon object.
A short message about the incident.
A more description message about the incident.
A 0-10 int to override the default severity.
A dict to override anything sent to the CEF library.
c = {'cef.product': getattr(settings, 'CEF_PRODUCT', 'AMO'),
'cef.vendor': getattr(settings, 'CEF_VENDOR', 'Mozilla'),
'cef.version': getattr(settings, 'CEF_VERSION', '0'),
'cef.device_version': getattr(settings,
'cef.file': getattr(settings, 'CEF_FILE', 'syslog'), }
user = getattr(environ, 'amo_user', None)
# Sometimes app is a string, eg: "unknown". Boo!
app_str =
except AttributeError:
app_str = app
kwargs = {'username': getattr(user, 'name', ''),
'suid': str(getattr(user, 'pk', '')),
'signature': '%s%s' % (self.sig_prefix, msg.upper()),
'msg': longer, 'config': c,
# Until the CEF log can cope with unicode app names, just
# use primary keys.
'cs2': app_str, 'cs2Label': self.cs2label}
if extra_kwargs:
if not severity:
severity = self.default_severity
if not severity:
raise ValueError('CEF severity was not defined')
if isinstance(environ, HttpRequest):
environ = environ.META.copy()
if settings.USE_METLOG_FOR_CEF:
return metlog.cef('%s %s' % (self.msg_prefix, msg), severity,
environ, **kwargs)
return _log_cef('%s %s' % (self.msg_prefix, msg),
severity, environ, **kwargs)
class ReceiptCEFLogger(CEFLogger):
sig_prefix = 'RECEIPT'
cs2label = 'ReceiptTransaction'
msg_prefix = 'Receipt'
default_severity = 5
receipt_cef = ReceiptCEFLogger()
class InappCEFLogger(CEFLogger):
sig_prefix = 'INAPP_PAY'
cs2label = 'InappPayment'
msg_prefix = 'InappPayment'
default_severity = 5
inapp_cef = InappCEFLogger()
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