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This API allows search for apps by various properties.



This API allows search for mixed content by various properties. Content types include webapps and websites.

Feature Profile Signatures

Feature profile signatures indicate what features a device supports or does not support, so the search results can exclude apps that require features your device doesn't provide.

The format of a signature is FEATURES.SIZE.VERSION, where FEATURES is a bitfield in hexadecimal, SIZE is its length in bits as a decimal number, and VERSION is a decimal number indicating the version of the features table.

Each bit in the features bitfield represents the presence or absence of a feature. New features will always be added as the least significant bit.

Feature table version 8:

bit position feature
0 UDP Sockets
1 OpenMobile ACL
3 1GB RAM Device
4 512MB RAM Device
5 Asm.js Precompilation
6 Mobile ID
7 Multiple Network Information
8 Third-Party Keyboard Support
9 TCP Sockets
10 SystemXHR
11 Alarms
12 Notifications
13 Pointer Lock
14 Web Speech Recognition
15 Web Speech Synthesis
16 WebRTC PeerConnection
17 WebRTC DataChannel
18 WebRTC MediaStream
19 Screen Capture
20 Microphone
21 Camera
22 Quota Management
23 Gamepad
24 Full Screen
25 WebM
26 H.264
27 Web Audio
28 Audio
29 MP3
30 Smartphone-Sized Displays (qHD)
31 Touch
32 WebSMS
33 WebFM
34 Vibration
35 Time/Clock
36 Screen Orientation
37 Simple Push
38 Proximity
39 Network Stats
40 Network Information
41 Idle
42 Geolocation
43 IndexedDB
44 Device Storage
45 Contacts
46 Bluetooth
47 Battery
48 Archive
49 Ambient Light Sensor
50 Web Activities
51 Web Payment
52 Packaged Apps Install API
53 App Management API

For example, a device with only the 'App Management API', 'Proximity', 'Ambient Light Sensor', and 'Vibration' features enabled would send this feature profile signature:

[1]other denotes a payment system other than the Firefox Marketplace payments. This field is not currently populated by the Marketplace Developer Hub.