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Use a more specific name for search test

Searching for `addon` finds more than 30 results, but the API batches at 10
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1 parent b6e0d53 commit 3f13a5aec047339538fddac0897debf1483e36c4 @hannosch hannosch committed Apr 6, 2013
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@@ -1077,7 +1077,8 @@ def test_ajax_search_webapp_by_id(self):
self.search_addons('q=%s' %, [])
def test_ajax_search_by_name(self):
- self.search_addons('q=add', list(Addon.objects.reviewed()))
+ addon = Addon.objects.filter(slug='addon-11')

robhudson Apr 6, 2013


Don't these slug depend on the database ID, which may not always be the same? On jenkins they might be if the db is dropped between runs, but locally if you run these consecutively they may not be.


hannosch Apr 6, 2013


@robhudson Oh, haven't thought about that. Will fix tomorrow or Monday if you don't get there first ;)

+ self.search_addons('q=11', addon)
def test_ajax_search_by_bad_name(self):
self.search_addons('q=some+filthy+bad+word', [])

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