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Andy McKay
Andy McKay committed Sep 7, 2012
1 parent 1d25a7b commit c26dd168f4d8946189af22ccfa7db2a0c18aabc3
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@@ -37,7 +37,6 @@ def admin_site_links():
('Manage elasticsearch', url('zadmin.elastic')),
('Purge data from memcache', url('zadmin.memcache')),
('Purge pages from zeus', url('zadmin.hera')),
- ('View graphite trends', url('amo.graphite', 'addons')),
('Create a new OAuth Consumer',
('View event log', url('admin:editors_eventlog_changelist')),
@@ -315,7 +315,6 @@ def admin_site_links():
('Manage EcoSystem', reverse('mkt.zadmin.ecosystem')),
('Purge data from memcache', reverse('zadmin.memcache')),
('Purge pages from zeus', reverse('zadmin.hera')),
- ('View graphite trends', reverse('amo.graphite', args=['addons'])),
('Create a new OAuth Consumer',
('Generate error', reverse('zadmin.generate-error')),

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