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Commits on Jan 31, 2013
  1. @cvan
  2. @andymckay

    url > uri (bug 834280)

    andymckay committed
  3. @spasovski
  4. @andymckay

    fix up the tests

    andymckay committed
  5. @mattbasta

    Bump validators

    mattbasta committed
    + Jetpack 1.13 and 1.13.1 hash update
    + jQuery 1.9 hashes
    + Flag external URLs in themes' css
    * Change "themes" to "full themes"
    + Check app type against manifest type field
    + Flag appcache in packaged apps
    * Save market URLs in the error bundle (fix for override bug)
    * "ZIP" instead of "XPI"
    * Grammar fix from Wil
  6. @robhudson
  7. @andymckay

    uri to pk

    andymckay committed
  8. @andymckay

    skip the test for the moment

    andymckay committed
  9. @cvan

    fix @mattbasta's syntax error

    cvan committed
  10. @cvan
  11. @mattbasta
  12. @mattbasta
  13. @wraithan
  14. @wraithan
  15. @andymckay
  16. @kumar303

    Revert "friendlier submit app type form (bug 825681)"

    kumar303 committed
    This reverts commit 6853eb5.
    This broke the manage payments screen, reverting it for now.
  17. @kumar303
  18. @chuckharmston @cvan
  19. @cvan
Commits on Jan 30, 2013
  1. @spasovski
  2. @ngokevin

    fix reviewer test

    ngokevin committed
  3. @cvan

    Merge pull request #574 from chuckharmston/833502-lookup_app_link

    cvan committed
    Adjust link of apps found via lookup tool (bug 833502)
  4. @mattbasta
  5. @chuckharmston
  6. @spasovski
  7. @cvan
  8. @cvan
  9. @spasovski

    reviews queue tiny mobile fix

    spasovski committed
  10. @spasovski
  11. @kumar303
  12. @ngokevin
  13. @spasovski
  14. @wraithan

    add title to ToU (bug 834663)

    wraithan committed
  15. @andymckay
  16. @robhudson

    Follow SHORTER_LANGUAGES when creating app manifests (bug 835407)

    robhudson committed
    This also fixes a bug in the translations app where we were comparing
    the lowercase locale to settings.HIDDEN_LANGUAGES which (for
    Marketplace) had locales of the form xx-YY. The result was no
    translation saved for locales in HIDDEN_LANGUAGES. This updates them to
    go through amo.utils.to_language which returns the xx-YY form. It also
    switches from using settings.LANGUAGES (lowercase locales) to
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