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Commits on Jan 10, 2013
  1. @cvan
  2. @mattbasta

    Bump amo-validator

    mattbasta authored
    Removed bunk manifest line to make pip better
  3. @andymckay
  4. @mattbasta
  5. @andymckay

    get and reset secret in solitude (bug 820006)

    andymckay authored
  6. @spasovski
  7. @cvan
  8. @cvan

    this is better, @mattbasta

    cvan authored
  9. @cvan

    beat @mattbasta to margin adding

    cvan authored
  10. @mattbasta

    Individually wrap DOM objects (bug 829036)

    mattbasta authored
    We need a jQuery-wrapped DOM object, so we'd might as well wrap them
    from the get-go.
  11. @mattbasta
  12. @mattbasta

    Seriously jinja?

    mattbasta authored
  13. @mattbasta

    Labels and L10n for @cvan

    mattbasta authored
  14. @cvan
  15. @mattbasta

    Fix for groupies in bank account form

    mattbasta authored
    I was using a pretty brittle test before and I was too lazy to break
    out the underscores. @dspasovski is going to be so mad.
  16. @mattbasta
  17. @mattbasta
  18. @cvan
  19. @mattbasta

    Get rid of happy errors.

    mattbasta authored
  20. @mattbasta
  21. @cvan
  22. @cvan

    fix @washort's tests

    cvan authored
  23. @ngokevin
  24. @ngokevin
  25. @ngokevin
  26. @washort
  27. @washort
  28. @washort
Commits on Jan 9, 2013
  1. @mattbasta

    Bump app-validator

    mattbasta authored
    * Update legacy amo-validator stuff.
  2. @cvan
  3. @robhudson
  4. @robhudson

    Merge pull request #554 from kmaglione/langpacks-task-use-db-master

    robhudson authored
    Langpacks task use db master
  5. @kmaglione
  6. @andymckay

    more import * evilness

    andymckay authored
  7. @andymckay
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