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tag: 2013.02.19-2
Commits on Feb 19, 2013
  1. Chris Van

    Revert "add in ALLOWED_HOSTS (bug 841768)"

    cvan authored
    This reverts commit c4d7c8e.
  2. Andy McKay Chris Van

    add in ALLOWED_HOSTS (bug 841768)

    andymckay authored cvan committed
  3. Matt Basta Chris Van

    Bump app-validator (bug 841840)

    mattbasta authored cvan committed
    * Use a warning for CSP problems on web apps
    * Fix for *nix distro python builds (weird cdata support)
    * Sterner CSP warnings
    + Preserve app type in the error bundle
    - Remove legacy markup parser code
Commits on Feb 14, 2013
  1. Matt Basta

    Bump app-validator (again)

    mattbasta authored
    Because python 2.6 is the worst.
  2. Matt Basta

    Bump app-validator (bug 841435)

    mattbasta authored
    + Add gzip support for decompressing icons
  3. here temporarily.
  4. Chris Van
  5. Chris Van
  6. Chris Van
  7. Chris Van
Commits on Feb 13, 2013
  1. Chris Van
  2. Chris Van
  3. Chris Van
  4. Rob Hudson
  5. Davor Spasovski

    less buttons CSS

    spasovski authored
  6. Matt Basta

    Bump app-validator

    mattbasta authored
    + Add `contacts` permission
  7. Matt Basta

    Bump app-validator

    mattbasta authored
    + Add support for recognizing permission types
    * Fix for URL normalization traceback
  8. Chris Van
  9. Matt Basta

    Remove more recaptcha for @cvan

    mattbasta authored
  10. Matt Basta

    Less crap in data attributes

    mattbasta authored
  11. Matt Basta
  12. Matt Basta
Commits on Feb 12, 2013
  1. Kumar McMillan

    Fix unused var

    kumar303 authored
  2. Matt Basta

    Bump amo-validator (jetpack)

    mattbasta authored
    + Add hashes for Jetpack 1.13.2
  3. Chris Van
  4. Chris Van

    move some tests around

    cvan authored
  5. Chris Van

    AMD-ify account.js

    cvan authored
  6. Wil Clouser

    Merge pull request #595 from kmaglione/thunderbird-category-migration

    clouserw authored
    Migrate add-ons in Thunderbird News Reading category to Message Reading ...
  7. Chris Van

    remove dead file (bug 826480)

    cvan authored
  8. kmaglione
  9. Chris Van
  10. Rob Hudson
  11. here temporarily.

    revert documentation css

    ednapiranha authored
  12. Rob Hudson
  13. here temporarily.
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