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tag: 6.2.5
Commits on Sep 29, 2011
  1. Chris Van
  2. Gregory Koberger
  3. Chris Van
  4. Gregory Koberger

    This is how not to debug JS

    gkoberger authored
  5. Gregory Koberger
  6. Chris Van

    open external licenses as _blank

    cvan authored
  7. Chris Van
  8. Gregory Koberger

    revert jingo-minify

    gkoberger authored
  9. Andy McKay

    add in user

    andymckay authored
  10. Kumar McMillan
  11. Kumar McMillan
  12. Chris Van
  13. Chris Van
  14. Chris Van
  15. Chris Van
  16. Chris Van

    kill IMPALA_EDIT flag

    cvan authored
  17. Andy McKay

    bump vendor for

    andymckay authored
  18. Andy McKay

    bump vendor

    andymckay authored
  19. Chris Van

    ship reviews pages

    cvan authored
Commits on Sep 28, 2011
  1. Andy McKay

    more logging please barman

    andymckay authored
  2. Kumar McMillan
  3. Chris Van

    rtl for versions listing page

    cvan authored
  4. Chris Van

    write a better test

    cvan authored
  5. Chris Van
  6. Andy McKay
  7. Andy McKay

    clean up, removing some nots

    andymckay authored
  8. Andy McKay
  9. Chris Van
  10. Potch

    Tweaks for impala All Versions page. (bug 690034)

    potch authored
    - Adjusted the header to highlight the version count by generalizing the
      style used for reviews.
    - Ensured that the version_list renders impala-style buttons.
  11. Andy McKay

    follow up to (bug 686696)

    andymckay authored
  12. Andy McKay
  13. Rob Hudson
  14. Potch
  15. Andy McKay

    addon > contribution switch

    andymckay authored
  16. Andy McKay
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