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Commits on Oct 14, 2011
  1. @cvan @clouserw

    sort by users on Themes (bug 694610)

    cvan authored clouserw committed
Commits on Oct 13, 2011
  1. @cvan

    bumping it up a tad

    cvan authored
  2. @cvan
  3. @cvan

    only for contrib roadblocks

    cvan authored
  4. @cvan

    eula is called go

    cvan authored
  5. @cvan
  6. @andymckay
  7. @cvan

    do not punish other browsers

    cvan authored
  8. @cvan

    can you bounce with me?

    cvan authored
  9. @robhudson
  10. @robhudson
  11. @andymckay
  12. @cvan
  13. @andymckay
  14. @cvan

    Revert "autofill? more like overkill (bug 693360)"

    cvan authored
    This reverts commit 2b1af37.
  15. @cvan
  16. @cvan

    themes rtl for hovercard buttons

    cvan authored
  17. @cvan
  18. @gkoberger

    Make Fligtar happy

    gkoberger authored
  19. @cvan
  20. @kumar303
  21. @robhudson
  22. this looks suspicious

    Jeff Balogh authored
  23. @andymckay
Commits on Oct 12, 2011
  1. @cvan
  2. remove some sphinx tests

    Jeff Balogh authored
  3. @washort
  4. mv mobile/{es_,}results.html (bug 692945)

    Jeff Balogh authored
  5. turn off sphinx for /search and /tag (bug 692945)

    Jeff Balogh authored
  6. @cvan

    fix login view

    cvan authored
  7. @cvan

    label is now name

    cvan authored
  8. @andymckay

    keep history anonymised

    andymckay authored
  9. @cvan

    renamed label to name

    cvan authored
  10. @cvan

    no waffles in my JS

    cvan authored
  11. @cvan

    ship impala themes pages

    cvan authored
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