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Commits on Oct 20, 2011
  1. hide version 99 for all apps

    Jeff Balogh authored
  2. Andy McKay
  3. Chris Van

    handle major.* version strings

    cvan authored
  4. track search suggestions in graphite

    Jeff Balogh authored
  5. Andy McKay

    remove url lookup

    andymckay authored
  6. Allen Short

    Seriously, git? Seriously?

    washort authored
  7. Allen Short
  8. Andy McKay
  9. Chris Van
  10. Kumar McMillan
  11. Andy McKay
  12. Andy McKay

    make same size as adu

    andymckay authored
  13. Andy McKay
  14. Chris Van

    update count data- attribute

    cvan authored
  15. Allen Short
  16. Chris Van
  17. Chris Van
  18. Chris Van
  19. Potch
  20. Chris Van
  21. Potch
  22. Chris Van

    increase pjax timeout

    cvan authored
  23. Chris Van
  24. Chris Van
  25. Chris Van
  26. Chris Van
  27. Chris Van
  28. Chris Van
  29. Andy McKay

    well that was annoying

    andymckay authored
  30. Chris Van

    allow undefined key events

    cvan authored
Commits on Oct 19, 2011
  1. Chris Van
  2. fix binary compat toggle (bug 693000)

    Jeff Balogh authored
  3. Andy McKay
  4. search for apps from apps pages (bug 690902)

    Jeff Balogh authored
  5. send the requested sdk version to builder (bug 692231)

    Jeff Balogh authored
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