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Commits on Nov 17, 2011
  1. @potch

    Revert "added sopa banner to AMO"

    potch committed
    This reverts commit eeca9a6.
  2. @gkoberger

    Er, let's fix it properly

    gkoberger committed
  3. @gkoberger
  4. @gkoberger
  5. @gkoberger
  6. @potch
  7. @potch
  8. @robhudson

    Fixed broken devhub links.

    robhudson committed
    And added short circuit to modals if click target doesn't exist in the
  9. @andymckay
  10. @andymckay
  11. @washort

    Tests for browserid login hookup code. Deal with case where login isn…

    washort committed
    …'t invoked
    with a redirect. (bug 701874)
  12. @cvan
  13. @cvan
  14. @cvan
  15. @cvan
  16. @cvan
  17. @cvan
  18. @cvan

    fix devhub breadcrumb test

    cvan committed
  19. @cvan
  20. @andymckay
  21. @andymckay
  22. @andymckay

    only log failed attempts once

    andymckay committed
  23. @andymckay

    contributions want the locale

    andymckay committed
  24. @andymckay
  25. @andymckay
Commits on Nov 16, 2011
  1. @potch
  2. @clouserw
  3. @spasovski
  4. @potch

    added sopa banner to AMO

    potch committed
  5. @andymckay
  6. @andymckay
  7. @andymckay

    patch has moved too

    andymckay committed
  8. @clouserw
  9. @cvan

    remove flaky test

    cvan committed
  10. @andymckay

    other_error has moved

    andymckay committed
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