create comm attachments from reviewer tools on reviews (bug 977296) #1812

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Breaking #1607 up. Screencast

Part 1: In a waffle, use a separate template for reviewers app history that is populated by the Commbadge API rather than passing in ActivityLog objects through the view.

Part 2: Display Commbadge attachments along with the notes.

Part 3: Create Commbadge notes for all review actions.

Part 4: Create Commbadge attachments from reviewer tools.

  • When reviewing an app and adding an attachment, the attachment should be attached the the Commbadge note.

Part 5: Paginate Commbadge notes if a lot exist for a version.

@robhudson robhudson commented on an outdated diff Feb 27, 2014
from mkt.comm.models import CommunicationThread, CommunicationThreadToken
from mkt.comm.utils import (CommEmailParser, create_comm_note,
+from mkt.comm.tests.test_api import AttachmentManagementMixin
@robhudson robhudson commented on an outdated diff Feb 27, 2014
@@ -2123,8 +2109,7 @@ def test_attachment_email_requestinfo(self, save_mock):, action='info'))
eq_(len(mail.outbox[0].attachments), 1,
'Review attachment not added to email')
- eq_(save_mock.call_args_list,
- [, 'bacon.txt'), mock.ANY)])
+ ok_(save_mock.called)
robhudson Feb 27, 2014 Member

You no longer want to know what save_mock was called with?



@ngokevin ngokevin merged commit 315a0f0 into mozilla:master Feb 27, 2014
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