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01-category-slugs.sql normalize migration numbers
02-addonsusers-ids.sql normalize migration numbers
03-groups_users-ids.sql normalize migration numbers
04-addons_categories-ids.sql normalize migration numbers
05-applications-versions-id.sql normalize migration numbers
06-last-update.sql normalize migration numbers
08-null-nominationdate.sql normalize migration numbers
09-hide-search-categories.sql normalize migration numbers
10-fix-collection-count.sql Adding new migration for bug 543899
100-purgatory-exists.sql Create purgatory. Buttons are free! Bug 614686
101-perf-created-idx.sql cron + task for updating addon slowness (bug 615391)
103-cascade.sql Make migrations work on production.
105-fileupload-valid.sql add a .valid attribute to FileUpload
106-add-mozcom-prefix.sql move some stuffs around
108-log-cascade.sql ActivityLog deletions should cascade from user.
11-collection-users-id.sql collection icon_url and users field
111-log_activity-cascade.sql log_activity_addon deletions should cascade from log_activity.
112-log_activity-cascade.sql Make migrations work on production.
113-file-validation.sql add FileValidation to remember validation results (bug 618997)
116-flag-restartless-addons.sql Add a semi-colon to fix syntax error
117-switch-pending-files.sql disable all the unreviewed files on public add-ons
118-file-validation-1to1.sql Links file validation to version listing (bug 619094)
119-moz-charity-url.sql updating the foundation donate url
12-add-most-shared-src.sql Add most shared src; bug 547765
120-charity-stats.sql record org ids in contribution stats (bug 624446)
121-misc-addon-cats.sql submission step 3, categories for multiple apps (bug 620422, bug 618238)
123-die-listed.sql set a message when listed add-ons get disabled
124-sad-slugs.sql dump sad slugs
125-truncate-facebook.sql Truncate facebook tables; bug 625975
126-moz-charity-url.sql make up your mind (bug 626704)
127-restartless-again.sql fixing no_restart detection (bug 621736)
129-view-editor-queue.sql Initial data/grid table for pending editor queue (bug 622172)
13-addon-dates.sql Fix empty dates.
130-activitylog-data.sql bug 622202, event log and log detail page
132-view_ed_pending_q.sql Added Full Review queue to editor pages (bug 627502)
133-view_ed_full_review_q.sql Added Full Review queue to editor pages (bug 627502)
134-view_ed_pending_q.sql Fixes editor queues so they include search extensions
135-view_ed_full_review_q.sql Fixes editor queues so they include search extensions
136-view_ed_full_review_q.sql Shows any type of nominated file, like remora (bug 627502)
137-view_ed_prelim_q.sql Adds preliminary review queue for editors (bug 627512)
141-appversions-idx.sql we sort on appversions.version_int, index it
15-users_tags_addons-ids.sql normalize migration numbers
18-old-datestatuschanged.sql use created instead of modified for last_updated (bug 550948)
19-personas-fields.sql adding new fields to Personas
21-null-counts.sql make sure these fields are never null
22-personas-index.sql index on personas.persona_id
23-jetpack-flag.sql Add jetpack flag; bug 59188
24-ryf-blog.sql Add ryf cron job; bug 560753
25-subscription-events.sql save subscription events from paypal (bug 560893)
26-appsupport.sql track appsupport through celery
27-null-collections-password.sql add a uuid automatically, remove unused fields
28-addon-collection-ordering.sql add an ordering column to addons_collections
29-collection-recs.sql add recommended_collection and addon_index fields
30-collection-token.sql collection tokens anonymously link a collection to a user
32-auth-user-lengths.sql embiggen the auth_user fields (bug 564364)
33-collection_star.sql bug 562667, Adding ids to a few collection_ models
35-trim-addon-whitespace.sql Trim existing whitespace.
36-creatured-download-source.sql adding creatured download source (bug 560576)
37-addons-current-version.sql add current_version field to addons table
39-firefoxcup.sql FxCup: average fans. other minor fixes (e.g. css)
40-personas-indexes.sql Make personas pages faster by adding indexes
42-addons-categories-index.sql better index for addons_categories
43-collections-subscribers-idx.sql index on collections.subscribers
44-personas-index.sql hit an index for personas by this author
45-total-contributions.sql bug 569742, move stats tasks to
47-reviews-cheat.sql denormalize reviews.is_latest and reviews.prev_count for easy queries
48-download-count-index.sql (addon_id, date) index for download_counts
49-drop-firefoxcup.sql bug 578087, kill fxcup
50-collections-author.sql bug 574278, Migrate collection permissions.
51-addoncategory-feature-idx.sql pull all the creatured ids to avoid repeated calls
52-collections-slug.sql slugs for collections (bug 574270)
53-collections-addon-idx.sql forgot a semicolon in my sql
54-drop-collection-vote-trigger.sql collection votes (bug 574286)
55-users_blacklistednickname.sql Bug 574276: Implemented the nickname blacklist.
56-collections-personas.sql task for updating collection metadata
57-collections-slug.sql enable other collections by author (bug 574291)
58-reviews-null.sql allow posting reviews and replies (bug 557879)
59-files-idx.sql make the fast_current_version query way faster (bug 583122)
60-download-sources.sql download sources for the versions page (bug 572848)
62-collections-idx.sql collections directory (bug 574292)
63-unique-author-slug.sql reserve the slugs "favorites" and "mobile" (bug 586426)
64-user-id-index.sql Increase delete_users throughput again, this time with an index
65-del-collection-cat.sql I don't want to know why collections_categories exists
66-nickname-vs-username.sql Migrate to use new user fields
67-del-collection-recommendations.sql drop collection recommendation data (bug 590019)
68-collections-share.sql sharing for collections (bug 586444)
69-add-jetpack-index.sql Add jetpack filter; bug 580827
70-collections-created.sql move addons_collections.added to created (bug 589922)
71-following-idx.sql collections I'm following page (bug 574288)
72-user-login-logging.sql whoops, had another migration in between this commit
73-usernames-not-null.sql Don't let usernames be null
75-piston.sql devhub uploads (bug 586696 & 586700)
77-discopane-src.sql discovery pane download src (bug 595996)
78-null-created.sql use UserProfile for doing pwreset (bug 596263)
79-file-uploads.sql devhub uploads (bug 586696 & 586700)
80-collection-triggers.sql update collection followers in a task
81-fix-addon-statuses.sql Fixed pending addons; bug 512128
82-remove-toolbar-category.sql Remove toolbar category; bug 592168
83-give-addons-a-slug.sql add addon slugs
84-new-licenses.sql moving to a new license schema for zamboni (bug 592548)
85-add-perf-tables.sql Performance Schema; bug 599129
87-add-dependencies-table.sql rename add-on dependencies migration
90-logaddons.sql Adds drop table if-exists statements, fixes column types to get forei…
91-adjust-perf-tables.sql adjust perf tables to match new ideas after our meeting
93-average-is-a-float.sql Average is now a float in the db.
94-limit-tags.sql limiting tags down to 20 and removing developer, user distinction (bu…
96-submit-step.sql track the submission step (bug 610546)
97-perf-results-idx.sql performance wall of shame (bug 600430)
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