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Remove 'grunt server' as 'grunt start' is betterer (sic). #124

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Fails if you use 'server':

Fatal error: There is no "server" command use grunt start instead



@muffinresearch muffinresearch merged commit 42ea23e into mozilla:master
@muffinresearch muffinresearch deleted the muffinresearch:fix-too-many-server-opts branch
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  1. +4 −1 Gruntfile.js
  2. +3 −13 docs/install.rst
5 Gruntfile.js
@@ -174,6 +174,10 @@ module.exports = function(grunt) {'casper:runtests');
+ grunt.registerTask('server', 'Deprecated start up', function() {
+'There is no "server" command use grunt start instead');
+ });
@@ -188,7 +192,6 @@ module.exports = function(grunt) {
grunt.registerTask('default', ['jshint', 'stylus']);
grunt.registerTask('docs', ['shell:docs']);
grunt.registerTask('start', ['stylus', 'concurrent:dev']);
- grunt.registerTask('server', ['nodemon:server']);
grunt.registerTask('test', ['jshint', 'runtests']);
grunt.registerTask('uitest', ['stylus', 'clean:uitest', 'runuitests']);
16 docs/install.rst
@@ -37,27 +37,17 @@ Create a local config file and fill in some values like ``signatureKeys``::
To start a development server type this::
- grunt server
+ grunt start
You can then browse the site at (use the ``--noauth`` option
in case you don't want to pass OAuth headers at each request).
If you want to change the port run::
- grunt server --port=9999
-If you're developing then you'll probably also want grunt to look after re-building css
-and linting js as you go.
-To do that run::
- grunt start
-.. note::
+ grunt start --port=9999
- This just wraps up `grunt server watch` in a single convenient command and runs stylus so
- that if you don't have the css already generated it gets built for you.
-This will run both the local server and watch for changes. At the moment this auto runs:
+`grunt start` runs both the local server and watchs for changes. At the moment this auto runs:
* stylus
* jshint
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