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Deuxdrop is a secure messaging system designed for mobile phones and desktops. The messaging protocol is distributed similar to email but built with real security/identity and contact addressing similar to chat systems like jabber.


We are currently in a prototyping phase which means we're not ready for general public consumption. If you're an adventurous type then check out the README to get started.

Use Cases

Intended for the smart phone and desktop user for almost real-time one-to-one and group messaging. Users connect with contacts they wish to communicate with and then can message those people directly or in group chats.

Initial Target Users

Initially we plan to roll out the deuxdrop service internally to Mozilla employees once we have a usable enough environment where broader feedback would be appropriate. Afterward we plan to invite a small group of others to try the system; rolling out slowly.


Link to Tech Docs

Deuxdrop == Raindrop part deux == Raindrop 2