Install Instructions

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OS Install Instructions

Here are some helpful instructions for getting setup. If you're using a different setup than ours... you're on your own.

Problems building nacl

You may need to install WAF to get the nacl library to build. Make sure it is on your path. If you see the following error when running npm, then you need to get WAF:

/bin/sh: waf: command not found

npm install may fail on the nacl step. Do the following (assuming you are in the servers directory):

  • cd node_modules/nacl/nacl
  • ./do (this will take a long time)
  • cd build
  • cp -r [yourHostNameHere]/include/amd64/ ./include/
  • cp [yourHostNameHere]/include/cpuid.h include/
  • cp [yourHostNameHere]/lib/amd64/* .
  • cd ../../
  • node-waf clean
  • vi wscript
    • uncomment this line: #obj.add_obj_file(os.path.join(libnacl_lib_dir, 'randombytes.o'))
  • cd ../..
  • npm install

Frequently Asked Questions