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deuxdrop planning mailing list

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deuxdrop-planning is a mailing list with one explicit goal:

  • Offer an easy, transparent venue for getting constructive, Deuxdrop-related work done.
and two explicit non-goals:
  • Offering community members the chance to post until they get satisfaction about their concerns.
  • Serving as a discussion/brainstorming forum for messaging systems.
Explicit alternate venues will be set up when deuxdrop reaches a stage of development where support is required or if there are a sufficient number of topics that are deemed inappropriate for deuxdrop-planning but are deuxdrop related and interesting to multiple participants and no suitable alternate venue exists.

Other (active) venues that may be more appropriate:


deuxdrop-planning is a moderated list:

  • Anyone can subscribe and read the messages.
  • Anyone can post after subscribing. By default, posts will be reviewed by a moderator before being sent to the list. You will receive an automated message indicating that your message is being moderated to confirm your message was received.
  • A smaller number of contributors will be added to a whitelist, and their postings will go directly to the list without having to first be reviewed by a moderator. These will be people who are believed by the moderators to have high-value contributions to offer and who are not generally prone to ranting, venting, and being unnecessarily argumentative.
Messages need to abide by three simple rules to be approved by the moderators:
  1. Be nice (in other words, no personal attacks, ranting, etc.)
  2. Be constructive (in other words, no whining, repetition, venting, etc.)
  3. Be about deuxdrop and its targeted use-cases. Messaging systems are a fertile and interesting topic for discussion, but discussion not directly related to deuxdrop should happen elsewhere.
Messages that do not meet the nice/constructive rules will be dropped without explanation. Messages that are not on topic will not be posted, but will be directly replied to (briefly) as not suitable for the forum. Because of whitelisting, it is possible that contributors may occasionally post messages that would not be accepted if subject to moderation. Such messages will be replied to on-list to indicate that another venue is more appropriate.

Whitelist membership is subject to temporary or permanent suspension at the discretion of the list-owner if believed warranted.

Archives / Web Reading

This policy is expected to evolve at the discretion of the list-owner (currently The list policy is based on the tb-planning policy set up by dmose and also adopted by the services-dev list.


Subscribe or unsubscribe at

Why the Policy?

An important question when placing any filters on the flow of speech is why they are felt to be necessary. A good follow-on question is whether it was tried without filters and whether the lack of filters proved to be a problem.

We want the deuxdrop list to be a high signal-to-noise list with a useful and usable archive. We know that as a new messaging project, even an experimental one, there is bound to be a lot of interest. We know that people are passionate about messaging and want to help improve the messaging experience on the internet. While we don't want to discourage this enthusiasm, we also don't want it to slow down moving the deuxdrop project forward or come to dominate the content of the mailing list. Moderation is our solution to this problem.

As this is a new mailing list, we have not tried it without filters, but we have tried Thunderbird development lists in an unmoderated fashion ( and a moderated fashion (tb-planning), and have found the moderated alternative much more conducive to productive development, even with a very light touch on moderation. Additional experience with the and lists have also informed the decision-making process. (Specifically, heading off inflammatory message threads at the pass or being able to discourage participants from responding to more than 50% of the replies in a thread in order to avoid combinatorial explosion into unreadable threads is deemed a desirable quality.)

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