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Mozilla Science Lab Global Sprint 2016

Join us as we learn to collaboratively build projects transforming science on the web!

This two-day sprint event brings together researchers, coders, librarians and the public from around the globe to hack on open science and open data projects in their communities. This repo is the official list of participating projects at #mozsprint. Chat:

#mozsprint Activity

How did we do?

Projects Guide

Want to jump in during our annual #mozsprint? Here's a breakdown on some of the tasks going on! You can also look at our full list of projects. Project leads should be online and answering questions from 9-5 in the time zone listed for their project.

Browse all issues by track:

  • TOOLS: Build software with the open source community
  • CITIZEN SCIENCE: Participate in a citizen science project
  • CURRICULUM: Collaborate on open educational resources
  • OPEN DATA: Analyze and visualize freely available datasets

Browse all issues by level:

  • BEGINNER: Everyone is welcome!
  • INTERMEDIATE: Some experience helpful for jumping in.
  • ADVANCED: Relevant experience needed to get involved.


Calling all designers! Science needs UI/UX, too

Writing Lessons, Docs and Standards

Ready to pen some words for science? Here's how you can help!

User Research / User Testing

Help out some projects by providing feedback or trying their workflow:

Writing Code

Itching to write some code? You've come to the right place




  • CODE-RADE #41: CODE-RADE = Continuous Delivery of Research Applications in a Distributed Environment. Help @brucellino extend the platform to use uniqueness and persistence frameworks (ORCID/DataCite), and contributorship badges. [Intermediate] [Tools]



Jupyter Notebook 📘


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