A place for resources and teaching materials for the library community.
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A place for resources and teaching materials for the library community.

Basic Idea

There are lots of resources for learning how to code online, but choosing, vetting, and commiting to one or a few resources is a process. This repo is meant to aggregate existing tools and curriculum geared toward librarians and para-professionals. The plan for MozFest, is to talk through those resources and build a fleshed-out GitBook that libraries can adopt and version for staff education.

At the same time, we've identified a need for community around curriculum, and mentorship opportunities to motivate library learners; hosting on git aims to provide those kind of collaborative and parallel learning opportunities. Part of our session will involve brainstorming how best to broach that need.

General Curriculum

Proposed Topics

The following represent some general topics for librarians in-the-know with code. We plan to test, weed, and add to these topics at MozFest.

I. Web Dev

  • Javascript/Web applications
  • JQuery/ AJAX

II. Database Management + Search

  • Wordpress
  • SQL
  • System administration
  • Elastic search/ search optimization


  • Writing on the command line
  • Version Control / Git

IV. Data Wrangling

  • XML/XSLT/XQuery
  • Regular expressions
  • Sandbox
  • File migration
  • Improving documentation

Planning Docs