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@urza urza released this Apr 9, 2019


GrinPro ( web monitoring and management


  1. Run start.bat (windows) or (linux)
  2. Open web browser and navigate to http://localhost:5888
  3. Select "Add" in top menu and insert IP addresses of your rigs

Alternatively you can configure config.xml in each miner to connect automatically to Dashboard after start.


  • Quickly inspect accross all your miners:
    • GPU cards status
    • Shares count
    • Miner liveness
    • Search, filter and sort your miners by criteria, e.g. search for names, IP addresses or sort by "Status" to see all offline miners
  • Detail Miner Page:
    • Stratum connection details
    • Share Count details: Found/Submitted/TooLate/NotValid
    • GPU (workers) info for each card: GPU name/status/gps/fidelity/solutions
  • Change Primary Stratum Connection on rig remotely
  • View and Edit Config.xml on rig remotely

Rigs overview:

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