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A tool for configuring and using MITM proxies from firefox
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FxPnH is a Firefox addon which makes it possible to use Firefox with Plug-n-Hack providers.


  1. Install the addon. I'll put it up on AMO soon but you'll always be able to get the latest version here.
  2. Browse to your tool's configuration page. If you have ZAP with the Plug-n-Hack extension, you can do that by browsing to http://localhost:8080/mitm. You can set up any number of configurations for different tools and switch between them.
  3. Use your PnH provider.

You can switch between configurations (or clear them completely) using the pnh config command.

Should you wish to revert your intercepting proxy configuration, you can do this with the pnh config clear command. png config remove allows you to remove a configuration completely.

Integrating your tools:

I've designed this to be easy to integrate support in other tools; documentation is in progress here. You can also look to see how the Plug-n-Hack ZAP addon works.

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