Mozilla Marketing Engineering and Operations Infrastructure
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MozMEAO infrastructure

This repo is maintained by the Mozilla Marketing Engineering and Operations (MozMEAO) site reliability engineers.

Tools we use

Automation and infrastructure tools:

Container technologies:

Monitoring tools:

  • Mig
    • Mozilla's real-time digital forensics and investigation platform.
  • Datadog
    • performance monitoring
  • New Relic
    • performance monitoring
  • Papertrail
    • centralized logging
  • FluentD
    • collecting logs from Kubernetes pods

How we manage our work

Our team manages it's work via a simple Github project. All data in the project is "standalone": we try to keep all links and references as public as possible, but there are obviously tasks that include sensitive data. These sensitive tasks are managed internally, and also tracked in private Bugzilla issues.


If you'd like to make a contribution, or you've found an issue with our work, please submit an issue and/or pull request. We're happy to take a look, however, a timeframe for review cannot be guaranteed.

Contacting us

We're in the #meao-infra channel on IRC. More info here.