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The root of all messaging.

Develop using Docker

One time setup of your environment and database:

  1. Make sure you have docker and docker-compose
  2. Setup an .env file with in the project root dir with at least:
    • SECRET_KEY set
    • DATABASE_URL=postgres://snippets:snippets@db:5432/snippets
    • PROD_DETAILS_DIR set to a writeable path, eg PROD_DETAILS_DIR=/home/webdev/
  3. $ docker-compose run --service-ports web bash
  4. [docker]$ ./ update_product_details
    • If you get an error connecting to the database, you probably need to wait for a few seconds for PostgreSQL to initialize and then re-try the command.
  5. [docker]$ ./ migrate
  6. [docker]$ ./ createsuperuser (enter any user/email/pass you wish. Email is not required.)
  7. [docker]$ ./ shell -c 'from snippets.base.util import *; create_countries();'
    • Create a list of Countries from Product Details info. Note that create_locales() no longer exists.

Start the development server:

  1. [docker]$ ./bin/
  2. Navigate to https://localhost:8443/admin and log in with the admin account created in step #4. See an TLS Security Exception? Go to TLS Certifcates section.

A note about using run instead of up

docker-compose run is more suitable for development purposes since you get a shell and from there you can run the webserver command. This way you can debug using set_trace() or restart the server when things go bad. The trick here is to use --service-ports flag to make docker compose map the required ports.

The project is configured for docker-compose up if that's your preference.

TLS Certificates

Firefox communicates with the snippets service only over secure HTTPS connections. For development, the runserver_plus command as executed in ./bin/ generates and uses a self-signed certificate.

You'll need to permanently accept the certificate, to allow Firefox to fetch Snippets from your development environment.

Run the tests

$ ./ test --parallel

Rebuild your Docker Compose Envinronment

To rebuild your docker compose environment, first remove current images and containers and then run the build command.

$ docker-compose kill
$ docker-compose rm -f
$ docker-compose build

Install Therapist

Therapist is a smart pre-commit hook for git to ensure that committed code has been properly linted.

Install the hooks by running:

$ therapist install