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A stats proxy to evaluate different metrics platforms.
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Snippets Stats Proxy

This software is part of an experiment to evaluate Google Analytics as a platform to collect, process and display snippet metrics data.

It collects requests from snippet actions (impressions, clicks and other) and proxies them to Google Analytics before redirecting the user to the current data collection pipeline at

Why this is proxy needed?

This proxy is came into existence to fulfill the following:

  1. Allow us to collect data in Google Analytics without directly sending users to Google. Instead browsers hit Mozilla managed cloud servers that run this proxy which in turn submit to GA limited amount of data as described in Data Collection Chapter of Snippets documentation.

  2. Allow us to maintain the current data collection pipeline while evaluating Google Analytics. The proxy receives the metrics and queues it to send it up to Google and then redirects browsers to the current data collection endpoint at The redirection is necessary because the current data collection pipeline extracts location information from IP before discarding it, therefore the ping must be made from the user's browser.



    Google Analytics ID to collect the data under. If unset no data gets send to GA.


    Google Analytics endpoint URL. Defaults to


    Mozilla Analytics endpoint URL. If unset return 200 OK instead of redirect. Defaults to


    Optional Statsd host, port and prefix to collect views and exception counts.

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