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+# about:home Snippets for Android SMS campaign
+This campaign promotes Firefox for Android. There are three snippets,
+each with a different animated sequence.
+* "Push" - The android appears as a small icon. When activated, he
+vanishes in a puff of smoke and reappears much larger next to the logo.
+The android turns and squeezes the logo down to size and appears to push it
+into a mobile phone that grows from behind the logo. The android then turns
+back to face the viewer, and with another puff of smoke goes back to his
+former size and position as an icon.
+* "Play" - The android peeks from behind the search field. On activation,
+he leaps up and off the top of the screen, pulling down a mobile phone.
+The logo then shrinks down to appear on the phone's screen as the
+android passes behind the phone, leaning out to wave at the viewer.
+* "Shop" - The android peeks from behind the search field. On activation,
+he pops up and turns to lift a shopping bag (bearing the Google
+Playlogo) from behind the search field. The Firefox logo lowers into the bag
+and a mobile phone (showing the logo) rises from the bag to take its place.
+The shopping bag lowers out of view as the android passes behind the phone
+to wave at the viewer.
+The CSS animation was done by Particle (, and their original,
+unminified code is also included with each snippet for reference.
+For the en-US locale, the link leads to a web page where a user can enter
+his or her mobile phone number and a link to the Google Play store will be
+sent to their phone automatically. Because this SMS service is currently
+only available in the US, snippets for other locales link directly to the
+Google Play store.
+# Localized Strings
+## For English locales:
+### Push:
+Fast. Smart. Safe. <a href="">Put Firefox on your Android phone</a>.
+### Play:
+Fast. Smart. Safe. <a href="">It's never been easier to put Firefox on your Android phone.
+### Shop:
+Fast. Smart. Safe. <a href="">Get the mobile browser that's got your back.
+## All other locales use the same text for all three snippets
+### es-ES
+Rápido. Inteligente. Seguro. <a href="">Obtén el navegador para dispositivos móviles que te protege. Obtén Firefox para Android.</a>
+### de
+Schnell. Intelligent. Sicher. <a href="">Holen Sie sich den mobilen Browser, der Sie beschützt.</a>
+### it
+Veloce. Intelligente. Sicuro. <a href="">Installa il browser mobile che si preoccupa solo di te.</a>
+### ru
+Быстрый. Умный. Безопасный. <a href="">Установите мобильный браузер, надёжно прикрывающий вашу спину.</a>
+### cs
+Rychlý. Chytrý. Bezpečný. <a href="">Získejte mobilní prohlížeč co vám kryje záda.</a>
+### ko
+빠르고. 똑똑하고. 안전한. <a href="">새로운 모바일 브라우저가 돌아왔습니다.</a>
+### fr
+Rapide. Sûr. Malin. <a href="">Adoptez le navigateur mobile qui assure vos arrières.</a>
+### nl
+Snel. Slim. Veilig. <a href="">Kies de mobiele browser die u beschermt.</a>
+### pt-BR
+Rápido. Inteligente. Seguro. <a href="">Use o navegador que se preocupa com você.</a>
+### pl
+Szybka. Innowacyjna. Bezpieczna. <a href="">Pobierz przeglądarkę, która jest po Twojej stronie.</a>
+### nb-NO
+Rask. Smart. Sikker. <a href="">Last ned den mobile nettleseren som passer på deg.</a>
+## License
+Any copyright is dedicated to the Public Domain.
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