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PipSqueek - More than just a friendly bot!

Pipsqueek is a fork of the Pipsqueek Project.


PipSqueek is an automaton or 'bot' for IRC (Internet Relay Chat). Most IRC bots you will find are designed for protecting a channel from hostile takeovers or flooding. This is not the sort of work PipSqueek is meant to be doing (although it is flexible enough to support it).

PipSqueek was created to be a sort of 'channel pet' for IRC channels. This means it will keep notes of the users, store stats and quotes, and try to be as helpful as possible without being in the way. Many IRC users live and swear by the "PipSqueek way of life" :-)

Installation and Configuration

See the wiki or file INSTALL for help on installation and configuration.


The original PipSqueek is written by Shaun Guth. This fork is maintained by The Mozor Network.


Copyright 2000-2008 Shaun Guth; Distributed under the GPL v2. See the file LICENSE for more details.

See Also

The original README with the original credits from the original Pipsqueek project is available in the DOCS directory.