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An HTML6 proposal for single-page apps without Javascript.
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Quickstart -

These documents are volatile & updated quite a bit. Check back often! And feedback is appreciated.

HTML6 Single-page apps without Javascript

This is a proposal to the HTML standard to allow dynamically loaded single-page apps without Javascript.

This could be done by declaring model objects in the HTML <HEAD>:

<MODEL name="article">
    <FIELD name="headline" type="string">
    <FIELD name="body" type="string">

<A> elements would specify JSON/XML API endpoints, as well as models that would receive the data:

<A mref="" receiver="article">Get!</A>

Finally, the DOM is dynamically updated through model references:

<H1 model="article.headline"></H1>
<ARTICLE model="article.body"></ARTICLE>

Thus, HTML becomes a templating language, with content residing in model objects that can be dynamically reloaded without Javascript.



  • A quick why and how with rough examples and ideas.

Quickstart - Blog currently empty

  • Just want to make a single-page-app blog? Use this document.

More Scenarios currently empty

  • This document contains a bunch of examples to use in the real world.

Model Object currently empty

  • The spec for the <MODEL> element and MODEL attributes.

Data IO currently empty

  • The spec for data transfer into and out of the models.

Model API

  • The spec for Javascript access to the model data.

SQL Interface currently empty

  • The spec for accessing model data from HTML using SQL.
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