Move money into a Starling goal, leaving a month-end buffer
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Given the expected balance at the start of each month and the "buffer" you'd like at the end of a month, this python script will interrogate the Starling bank API, then calculate how much (if any) of your current balance is "spare". If there is spare, it will offer to save it into a savings goal (a "space", in the Starling app).

Use python 3. Install requests (pip install requests or similar). If using pythonista, no need.

Copy and fill in real values.

Then run python

Example output:

$ python ./
2019-01-01 - 2019-01-31
Current balance: £377.84
Spend rate: £14.52/day
OK balance for today: £367.84
Looks like £10.00 could be saved  into 'Holiday fund'.
Target is £500.00 - this would get from £260.81 (52%) to £270.81 (54%).
Do this (enter y)? y

Happy saving.