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Welcome to the logstash-gelf wiki!


This is not the site you're looking for. Rather visit the project site http://logging.paluch.biz


Feel free to submit a pull-request at any time. I used the JBoss AS7 formatting rules (see as7formatter.xml) to keep the code formatted the same way.


Releasing is done using the Maven Release plugin. Prerequisites:

  • PGP key (important for releasing to Maven Central Repo using Sonatype)
  • Access to Sonatype's OSS Repo, release permissions on Group Id biz.paluch.logging
  • Maven


  1. Checkin and push everything
  2. mvn clean && mvn release:prepare
  3. Increment the versions
  4. mvn release:perform
  5. Close and Release the staging repo on Sonatype's OSS
  6. Write release notes (GitHub) and upload final jar & JBoss7 module zip.
  7. Announce release