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Spring Vault Examples

This repository contains examples using Spring Vault and Spring Cloud Vault.


Open a console in the examples root directory and execute the following commands to setup Vault:

$ src/test/bash/ # Create SSL certificates
$ src/test/bash/ # Download and unzip vault
$ src/test/bash/ &

Vault is now running in dev-mode listening on https://localhost:8200 and http://localhost:8201.

Vault requires some configuration before you can run the examples.

$ source src/test/bash/
$ src/test/bash/

The root token is set to 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000 and Vault is running in dev mode.

You can use Vault now from the console or run the examples. Check out the example-specific readme's for further instructions/requirements.

Vault runs with SSL enabled so make sure the application runs in the current directory so it can find work/keystore.jks.

Using Vault from the Command Line

You can use a shortcut to setup the token and Vault CLI environment by sourcing vault/

$ source src/test/bash/ # Set Vault address, Token and CA path

Write Data to Vault

Writes the key-value pair mykey=value to the path secret/my-spring-boot-app.

$ ./vault write secret/my-spring-boot-app mykey=value