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What is it?
Typo is a weblog system written in Ruby using Ruby on Rails. Weblogs are cool,
weblogs are "in" and everyone who writes code has a different opinion on how
a weblog should be written. Typo is our take on it. Typo is designed to be
usable by programmers and non-programmers, while being easy for programmers to
Currently you need all of those things to get typo to run:
* Ruby 1.8.6 or Ruby Enterprise Edition.
* Rails 2.2, Typo 5.3 DOES NOT support Rails 2.1.
* A database. Typo supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQLite.
* Ruby drivers for your database.
* For best performance, you should have a web server running either
Apache, Lighttpd or Nginx, along with FastCGI, mongrel or thin. You can use
Ruby's built-in web server for low-volume testing.
We recommend the use of Apache + mod_rails (aka Passenger) for fast and
easy deployment along with speed.
* rspec, rcov and ruby-debug are necessary to run the test suit.
See doc/Installer.txt and doc/typo-5.3-release-notes.txt.
Typo's administrative interface is available at You can use this to post articles and
change Typo's configuration settings. For posting new content, you can
either use this administrative web interface or a desktop blog editor
like MarsEdit or Ecto. For a short list of clients which are confirmed
to work please visit
Client setup
Set your desktop client to Movable Type API and enter as endpoint address.
Your typo team