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Write a Python program relevant to your research:

  • put course material into practice
  • opportunity to become familiar with Python
  • get feedback on your coding
  • requirement to qualify for credits

Your program should…

  • be written as an importable module (.py file)
  • do something meaningful: analyse real data or perform a simulation
  • use at least two user functions
  • use at least one of the modules introduced in Sessions 3 – 5
  • produce at least one informative plot
  • comprise >~ 50 lines of actual code (excluding comments and imports)

Submit as source code (.py file) and pdf/png files of the output plot(s), or an IPython notebook.

Ideally as GitHub repo. I will also accept submissions via email (

Three stages:

  • by 23/30 October
    • README describing what you intend your code to do
    • Rough outline of the code (classes, functions, snippets, comments, pseudocode)
    • Feedback in a week
  • by 6/13 November
    • Roughly working version of your code, although may be incomplete, have bugs, although try to make it reasonable and easy to understand!
    • Feedback in a week
  • by 27 November
    • Full working version of your code (doesn’t have to be amazing – just work!)
    • Feedback and confirmation of pass by end of term